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Inca Empire Peru

Excitement, adventure and wanderlust are hallmarks of our Cosmos South America Tours. If you’re keen to feed your soul, follow the beckoning finger of the tango dancer and swoon into the arms of a continent that will give you goosebumps. As masters in the art of ‘thrillology’, South America offers awe-stonishment on a daily basis. From the ruins of the Incas to the rainforest of the Amazon, discover an exotic and extraordinary world in Peru, Argentina, Chile, and Brazil. Throw in a cruise around the Galápagos Islands for good measure!

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The Amazon. The name alone conjures images of tantalising mystery and legends, whose 5.5 million square kilometer canopy seems impenetrable and its diversity unfathomable. Representing over half the world’s remaining rainforests, spilling into nine nations, it offers the ultimate atmosphere to feel renewal and wonder on a grand scale. Fall asleep lulled by the sounds of the jungle, go on a night canoe tour with a Naturalist, meet a native community, and even try your hand at piranha fishing. These are the types of experiences you’ll be dining out on for years to come. Feel the goosebumps, while re-forging your connection with nature in the Amazon with Cosmos.


Argentina is a country driven by desires, running on the fuel of zeal and zest. Every journey here is emotive, from being enthralled by the steamy tango, awestruck by the mighty Andes and dining at a Parrilla (steak restaurant). A Cosmos tour of Argentina will be full of memories you’ll be happy to re-live over and over again. It isn’t only supermodel beautiful Buenos Aires – the “Paris of the South” with wide boulevards and outdoor cafes – that will seduce, but the majesty of Iguassu Falls, experiencing an estancia, cowboy ranch and feeling the heat of the life-loving Argentines. Live la vida loca in beguiling Argentina.


Brazil marches to the beat of its own drum - or rather hip shakes its way through life as though it’s a continual samba.  Life in Brazil is something to be celebrated. From sipping caipirinhas at Rio de Janeiro’s glamorous Copacabana beach, or following your Cosmos Tour Guide into the gritty favelas of the real-deal Brazil, it’s got something to offer every type of traveller. From the former Olympic City to white sand beaches, to biodiverse Amazonian rainforest and spectacular 3km wide Iguassu Falls, Brazil is a ‘fiesta’ for the senses. 


Sometimes overshadowed by good-looking Argentina and bold and brash Brazil, this demure sister has charms all of her own. Stretching 4300km from the belly of South America to its feet, from vast glacial fields (Patagonia) to the world’s driest desert (Atacama Desert), a Cosmos Chile tour will allow you to witness the extreme diversity of the Chilean landscape. Don’t miss the urban show-stopper of Santiago, wedged between the Pacific and soaring Andes. Arguably South America’s most sophisticated city with a Latin vibe and European style, Santiago is just the beginning to a big Chilean adventure.


Explorers beware! Peru is the kind of country which is guaranteed to steal a piece of your heart. Magical Machu Picchu may be the big gun in Peru’s arsenal, but this is just the tip of what this country has to offer. Dive deeper with a Cosmos tour and discover virgin Amazon, the white capped Andes, its lengthy coastline and buzzing cities. Added to the mix are a delicious cultural stew and an exotic hybrid cuisine that’s always been in vogue among the locals, way before fusion became fancy. Take a bite out of Peru and it will only leave you with an appetite for more. 

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